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back [Jan. 8th, 2016|04:27 am]
The REAL Ackme
[mood |disappointeddisappointed]
[music |cnbc]

Only been gone 12 years. What scared me was that everything is still here and it doesn't suck as much as it should. I just haven't learned or grown or changed very much. It's disappointing, tbh. Dad died and I inherited his home and his car, both of which I still use alone. I have no friends left (either they alienated me or I alienated them), although, really, at 63, who has friends? What family I have is scattered around. My social media presence is nearly nonexistent. The few posts I make are generally awkward and not germane to the conversation. I'm like a drunk stumbling into a discussion at a bar, which I used to do far too often. I don't drink much or very often any more, but sobriety hasn't done much, if anything, for me. I'm still balding, fat, toothless and stupid.
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